Deimos Toto'16

Deimos Toto'16
Who will win the crown for the best betting expert in Zürich Industriequartier?

EURO 2016 has finished with Portugal as the new champions. It was lots of fun to compete with so many people for the prices in Deimos Toto'16!

The winners of Deimos Toto'16 are:
1. price: Regula Vollenweider
2. price: Rémy Sager
3. price: Sebastain Baumann
4. price: Luzius Ammann
5. - 10. price: Joel Zeller, Ewald Florian, Salvatore Bove, Marc Bachmann, Benno Meyer, Lukas Schulthess

Congratulations to all the winners - and many thanks for taking part in the competition to everyone!

Your Deimos Team

PS: Soon the challange will continue at the World Cup 2018 in Russia